Welcome to the cafe

There are very cozy couches here, and there may or may not be people to talk to

You can:

  • Leave
  • Stay here and scroll down
  • Talk in the Discord chat below.

  • Sorry if the discord chat isn't working, or comes up blank. I'm pretty sure it only works on Windows.


    You take a seat on an old green couch made with soft, smooth fabric.

    A few people are sitting and chatting a couple meters away

    The barista is busy helping a small, unorganized line of people by the back wall.

    You hear calming music, and start to feel tired.

    YOU CAN:

    You fall asleep, and have a dream about a large mountain. You feel like something important is inside of the mountain. You feel like the dream is real.

    You think that you need to do something important.