Skeletons are dancing all around and are having a great time, there is a jukebox with fun music, and a magical portal, as well as a mystery drink dispenser, you are in an incomprehensibly large cave

You Can:


Skeletons love minecraft music

The things skeletons love most are musical spring factories

This one's good too

Good way to invite aliens to the party


A map of the surrounding area

The Computer in the corner

It probably isn't a good idea to go through Jerry the skeleton's computer and personal things, but Jerry is drunk, he won't care.

:C WIDNOWS\USERS\Jerry\LIBRARIES\Desktop\Text Documents and stuff\Why Skeletons are cool.txt

Skeletons are cool because we are made entirely out of bones and cant get fat and that is cool. In my opinion, all humans are fat.

:C WIDNOWS\USERS\Jerry\LIBRARIES\Desktop\Text Documents and stuff\Why Humans aren't Cool.txt

Humans aren't cool because they have skin and organs and are fat and that is not cool. In my opinion, skeletons are skinny.

:C WIDNOWS\USERS\Jerry\PROGRAM FILESx86\Gooble Grome\Data\History.txt

Skeleton pelvis, Female Skeletons, Why does my pelvis itch, How are baby skeletons made

I think that's enough of Jerry for now

Items on floor

A box of toohpicks, each one covered in skeleton feces

A pack of reusable gum

An old hotdog

A bottle of apple juice that tastes like pee

A dirty ziploc bag full of pancakes and some other breakfast food

A pen half full of ink

A folder that contains:

A copy of the legendary Francis of The Filth book signed by Filthy Frank himself

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